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In business, first impressions count. A telephone answering service makes it easy for customers to contact your business, and this can mean the difference between capturing new clients and losing them to one of your competitors. Whether you’re a sole trader or a large PLC it makes sense to ensure that no potential new clients are lost.

From just £19.99 a month, eConnect can provide your business with an answering service to handle some of your calls, all of calls or just calls when you are too busy to answer them yourself. We offer all new enquires a 30 day, no obligation free trial of our service.

How does your telephone answering service work?

We will provide you with a unique phone number, this can either be local to you (for example a Eglwys Fach dialling code) or it can be an 0333 number. You can then either divert your calls to this unique number or market it separately for your business, any calls that come through this number are recognised by our systems and our receptionists answer as you instruct.


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What are the benefits of using a call answering service in Eglwys Fach Ceredigion?

For many customers, great service still means a friendly, reassuring and helpful voice on the other line. There’s still no substitute for the experience of dialling a number and having another human being there to pick up the call and answer your questions, and the sub-questions along with them, the best that they can. While it’s important that the receiving party is able to provide you answers, for many customers, the fact that someone found time to listen and made an effort to help them is already a major reason to place their loyalty and their money on a brand.

Still, it’s no secret that a lot of businesses today are lacking the resources and most especially the skills to provide reliable phone-in support for their customers. In an economy where things are moving too fast and it’s too risky to shell out for additional equipment, phone subscriptions, staff training and other costs of setting up an office telephone system, the smartest option is to simply outsource and get a live telephone answering team from Eglwys Fach Ceredigion to handle calls for you.

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The majority of start up businesses simply are not able to employ a full time receptionist at the onset of their new business venture and as a result the owners of those firms resort to answering incoming calls themselves. There are several problems with that solution, including, but not limited to creating a very small business image, loss of customers and a complete waste of time that could be better spent building the new company and managing it.

A proven solution to the above dilemma can often be something as simple as hiring a virtual receptionist answering service. In fact, most people are surprised to learn that the inherent benefits of using a live answering service far outweigh the cost. After contacting a few providers you would find the following reasons to seriously consider outsourcing your calls:

  • Reason # 1: It’s considerably more affordable than hiring even a part time receptionist. Hiring your own employee will cost you a good one to two thousand pounds or more per month. This doesn’t even take into consideration that he or she will receive health benefits, paid holidays and sick time. While all services may bill differently you can usually find one that charges between £1.00 and £2.00 per message. There are not many businesses that will receive calls to the tune of 500 per month but even if they did they would only be looking at a monthly investment of about £500.
  • Reason # 2: The next benefit in line would be the company image. Nothing screams that you’re a little company like answering your own telephone or even worse having an answering machine field the call in the middle of a business day. People judge you by these small items and you need to take them very serious. Having a secretary or even a virtual receptionist gives the image of a professional and successful firm in Eglwys Fach Ceredigion.
  • Reason # 3: A quality answering service will absolutely help prevent the loss of new customers. When first time new clients are in need of a service, especially industries like contracting, attorneys, and the medical fields, customers will want immediate attention, and though they might leave a message on an answering machine they will almost certainly hang up and call another competitor that might answer the call live. Whoever responds first will no doubt almost always get the business.
  • Reason # 4: A telephone answering service can free up your time so you can transition from being an over paid secretary to doing what’s most important, and that is building your business and focusing on things that generate more revenue. The answering service can screen calls and answer basic questions about your services, including giving out directions, business hours and even scheduling appointments or consultations. The service can determine if a call should be transferred to you and thereby allowing you to only spend time on the phone with callers that require your personal attention. Many services can even process payments, take reservations and field highly complex calls using menu driven technology that makes it nearly impossible to know that they are not talking to your actual office.

The takeaway is that sometimes saving money is the very thing that will cost you money, and in fact the loss often far outweighs the savings. Whether they are Fortune 500 companies or small one man operations, there are hundreds of thousands of businesses using live answering services to grow their business, increase cash flow, improve their image and free up valuable time.

Setting up call answering in Eglwys Fach Ceredigion for your business

Firstly, calls from customers or prospects to the business are forwarded to the professional answering service call centre. The forwarding process can usually be done through the current telephone company or phone service provider. If need be, your business can also get a separate 800 number or vanity number and forward it to the call centre service.

Once the call has been forwarded, a live operator from the answering service will pick up the call. They can process the call in several ways, or according to a pre-arranged script. The most common choices are to take a message or contact details, transfer a call, take an order over the phone, or schedule appointments. A record of the conversations can be emailed or faxed over to your business. Some services also include different reports so that a business tracks the level of calls and other call characteristics.


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Availability Of Service – 24/7 If Need Be

Business telephone answering services can be used as the main source of customer support for a business in Eglwys Fach Ceredigion. Alternatively, it can also be used during certain peak hours only, or during times when your internal staff are unable to serve callers, or after office hours. To do that, calls can be set to forward only certain hours or only during times when there are not enough people internally to handle it all. Most telephone answering services are available 24/7, which makes it easy for users to access the service any time.

Business telephone answering services provide great leverage for a business to operate smoothly with less overhead. As a business owner or manager, you do not need to worry about hiring and managing more people, as well as renting extra office space. It’s also fast. It usually takes a week or less to get set-up with a professional service, a lot quicker than trying to hire your own staff. Many good call centres are also willing to work without long term contract requirements. Some answering call centre service companies will even offer a limited free trial to get things going.

Attributes of a good call answering service in Eglwys Fach:

  • 1. Availability
    Call answering services operate around the clock to answer calls for their clients. If your business is getting calls beyond regular office hours, the services of virtual assistants would be an invaluable asset to your company. Call answering services employ many people who work on shifts in order to consistently provide answering services for and on behalf of their clients. If your company is assisted by virtual assistants, you never have to worry about missed enquiries and business opportunities even if the calls come beyond your regular office hours. If your business is trying to reach a market that belongs to a different time zone, employing the services of a virtual receptionist would be a perfect fit for your company.
  • 2. Cost-Effectiveness
    You are often tempted to think that answering business calls yourself is a cost-effective way to do your business. Well, this can be true if you can count your customers with your fingers and toes. But if your business is bigger than this, you will need to dedicate someone, perhaps a team, who you will have to train to do the job. You also need to invest on some telephony equipment and extra telephone lines to get this accomplished. The equipment, its maintenance, and the training and wages of your in-house phone answering services mean cost. But if you opt to use the services of a complete third-party telephone answering service, your costs will certainly be much lower than doing the thing in-house. Call answering companies are flexible. You don’t need to avail of an entire package if you only need a portion of what they can do. If you only want them to take your calls beyond regular office hours, they will do it – with proficiency and professionalism.

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